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Embrace the Future with Revival Financial Planning

New Beginnings - Divorce Financial Planning

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About Our Service

Helping You Move Forward

We work with our clients during the divorce process to improve financial knowledge and understanding, and provide guidance on the options available.  We use cash flow modelling to enable clients to visualise what a proposed financial settlement looks like over the long term.  This is useful in identifying shortfalls to assist with negotiations, or to provide peace of mind that your lifestyle is sustainable.

 Often, getting financial advice in the early stages can reduce costs overall. 

Following divorce, we can help you take control of your finances, plan for a new future and work with you over the long term to make sure everything stays on track.

We often collaborate with solicitors and mediators, working together to find the best outcome for our mutual clients.

We offer:

  • Cash flow modelling and expenditure forecasting to assist with financial settlements

  • Guidance on pension options for pension sharing

  • Mortgage capacity reports.

  • Regulated advice on pensions, investments, tax planning, protection and mortgages

  • Pension share implementation advice

We are committed to improving our clients financial wellbeing, providing peace of mind for the future and a clear plan going forward.

What our clients ask us?

Here are some of the typical questions our clients ask when we meet them.

"Am I going to run out of money?"

"Will I have to downsize?"

"Is it better to have a larger pension share or more equity in the house?"

"When can I retire and will I have enough?"

 "Can I afford to send my children to University?"

Learn More About Us

Trusted Financial Planners

Jenni is a Chartered Financial Planner, Fellow of the Personal Finance Society and Associate Member of Resolution, with 20 years industry experience. 

Her specialisms are pensions and tax planning.

She is passionate about making finances easy to understand and removing the complexity and jargon from financial planning.

Liz came to  financial planning after a successful career in IT.

She has a keen interest in investments and a desire to make people's money work for them.  Through cash flow modelling she enjoys enabling clients to visualise their future.


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